The poison and the cure

The TV hums its poisonous messages: “Fear Muslims” , “Hate Muslims “. The truth reverberates on the streets, the truth is plain to see; nobody wants to keep buying the crap that is being sold by the Global Elite. We rise together; We fall together. We are One.


Celebrating 150 years of Alice in Wonderland…

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”To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the ever beloved Alice in Wonderland, on behalf of Leap Books, I introduce to you….Beware The Little White Rabbit.
Every day a couple new short interviews will be added to the list (didn’t want to hit you over the head on the first day), and another chance to add your name to the rafflecopter.   Follow along down the rabbit hole…tis very curious indeed…”

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Opinion vs. Fact

James Harrington's Blog of Geek and Writing

So recently I’ve come across many blogs and other writings that are attempting to pass off their opinion as fact. Several different subjects have come up pertaining to politics, nutrition, etc.

In my writing, I feel it’s always important to distinguish between the two. If I’m sighting fact, I’ll give a source and say it’s a fact. If I’m giving an opinion, I’ll make sure that’s known (look back at some of my other posts). However I’ve seen too many times that people attempt to (either deliberately or unknowingly) pass off their own perceptions as fact. In books and stories, I’ve seen it as well.

Now, for the most part, if you point out that these people could be wrong, or just flat-out are, they’re happy to debate your points with their own. In many cases they either didn’t know, or were getting their info from a bad source, or…

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Author Interview #82 at Library of Erana


Just a little self-promo post. Got a few things going on this month and I want to make sure everyone who might want in on it have the opportunity to do so.

In conjunction with the Goodreads group Smashwords Authors’ feature, Author of the Month, I’ve been invited to answer a few questions over at two of the moderators’ blogs. One of them is called the Library of Erana, and you can read my interview here, if you’d like.

The discussion, titled February 2015: Jessica West, is up and running here. Join the discussion any time during February 2015 and you’re automatically entered for a chance to win a free copy of A Strange Alliance, or any book of equal or lesser value ($2.99). Random winner will be chosen on March 1, 2015.

I have two giveaways for the month of February. Each person who signs up for…

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